Fine Arts Education

 1st cycle

Fine Arts Education is a field of study well established at Polish universities and Fine Arts Academies. This field of study prepares artists who can bring art closer to other people, and who are able to introduce values associated with this field into the world. This field of study provides the development of strictly artistic skills allowing its graduates to find jobs on the rapidly changing market. Currently, studies in this field have practical profile, which means that the vast majority of classes are conducted in the form of workshops. From the 2019/2020 academic year, we offer studies in a thoroughly modified faculty. Among other things, we have introduced into the educational program subjects such as interior design and decoration with elements of design.

Fine Arts Education provides high level of education, since all lecturers and instructors run visual arts studios and are active artists exhibiting their works. They are creators who deepen their qualifications outside the University, by preparing works of art functioning in the public space. Studies in the field of Fine Arts Education enables the development of passions and interests in student artistic circles and clubs. These include: FOTON Student Research Artistic Circle, GRAFIT Student Scientific Circle and ANIMATIK Student Film Research Circle. During the studies, students may also present their own works at various collective and individual exhibitions.