Institute of Educational Studies


The Institute for Educational Studies was founded in 2002 as the first Institute at the State University of Applied Sciences in Racibórz. From the very beginning, the Institute offers studies in pedagogy, with classes conducted by well-qualified academic teachers from both Polish and foreign centers, who have rich professional experience as well. Since 2019, the Institute offers master’s studies with faculties in early school and pre-school education.


  • Pedagogy
  • Pre-school and Early School Education


Director: dr Ludmiła Nowacka
Deputy Director: dr Ilona Gembalczyk
Deputy Director: dr Kornelia Solich

Secretary’s Office:

Zuzanna Mika 
tel. +48 32 415 50 20 ext. 250
Room No. A231 (first floor)

Student's Office:

Katarzyna Mandera
tel. +48 32 415 50 20 ext. 204
Room No. A237-A