National Security Studies

 1st cycle

Students become specialists in the field of crisis management, public or international security; they also learn how to analyze and predict local, national and international threats; They are able to organize rescue operations in the event of threats to people’s health and life, they acquire knowledge and practical skills that allow them to find employment in public administration, various services, inspectorates, guards, and private security companies.

The specializations available are:

  • Socio-Economic Security
  • Political and Military Security

National Security is a practical field of study allowing students to find employment on a difficult and dynamically changing job market. Expert knowledge and practical skills acquired during lectures, workshops, classes and in-field practices allow students to become competitive on the market, and find employment in institutions or formations responsible for security, such as: the Crisis Management Units, Government Protection Bureau, Internal Security Agency, Central Intelligence Bureau, ministries and other offices. They may work as secret officers, data analysts, threat monitoring operators or inspectors, crisis staff advisors at various levels of state and local government administration.