Institute of Social Studies


The Institute of Social Studies was established in 2003. The academic staff of the Institute, in addition to teaching activities, also conduct scholarly research, actively participating in national and international scientific conferences. They publish books and articles in various journals, often involving students in their research. Apart from that, there are a few scientific circles functioning at the Institute, where students and their tutors organize thematic open lectures conducted by the Institute academics or experts from outside the University. Moreover, trips to various institutions are often organized in order to enrich the knowledge and practical skills of the students.


  • Administration Studies
  • National Security Studies

Director: dr Dariusz Chojecki
Deputy Director: dr Mariusz Koroblowski
Deputy Director: dr Zbigniew Wieczorek

Secretary’s Office:

Dorota Chromiec
tel. +48 32 415 50 20 ext. 240
Room No. A321 (second floor)

Student's Office:

Patrycja Węgorowska
tel. +48 32 415 50 20 ext. 206
Room No. A237-A